Best pokemon in the pokemon go game

Pokemon are an essential thing in the game. A person should have a complete idea regarding the various pokemon to accordingly catch them. So try to select the Pokemon go accounts for sale that provides you with the best features. As this is a game based on technology, the pokemon offered by this platform keeps on updating from time to time.

This article will discuss the various types of pokemon that the players in this game use.

  • Moltres

This is one of the best types of pokemon that is offered by this game to the players. This is a pokemon that is known to be influential in sunny weather conditions, and also, they are the flying firing type of the pokemon. Furthermore, they have the double resistance power that makes them one of the best options to fight against the bug and the grass enemies.

  • Rampardos

This is a kind of glass cannon that gives deadly strikes. This is one of the rock types of pokemon that is offered by the game. It is known to have hard-hitting attacks.

  • Mamoswine

This is one of the pokemon known to be the ice pokemon and is known to provide counters to the various threats like the dragonite, salamence and the garchomp. Mamoswine is the pokemon known to have plenty of power tank that helps him dish out the damages. They are used as the ice type dragon counter and can serve as the ground sweeper.

  • Tyranitar

This is one of the best rating pokemon that the game offers to the players. Also, this is the one with the unique combination with the excellent coverage. Tyranitar is known to be slower than many other such types of peers, and they can easily fall against the other available pokemon.

  • Metgross

Metagrass is the one that is known to have the rare type of blend, and it is known to have a strong cp with a defensive system. Therefore, it is one of the all-rounder fighters that play against the various pokemon that are available in the game.

  • Kyogre

This is one of the best water pokemon that becomes stronger, especially in the rainy season. It is known to have two best moves with the water one is the waterfall, and the other is the hydro pump. Unfortunately, this pokemon lacks the versatility that makes people think twice before selecting this type of pokemon while playing the game.

  • Rayquaza

This carries good cp ratings that favour the attack of the pokemon. This is the thing that makes him one of the best flying dragon sweepers in the game. The dragon tail and the outrage that it has provided the excellent quality of the dragon techniques to the players.

The number of pokemon that this game offers are not limited to the above mentioned, as and when the player starts playing the game, he will get the best idea regarding the various types of Pokemon go accounts for sale. A person should select the pokemon as per the situation he is currently facing.

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