What Are the Different Types of Artificial Grass Available?

If you have ever wondered about installing an artificial grass in your home, then the real one, the it is one of the best decisions for you. This is because it is very convenient to install as well as looks absolutely the same as of the real one. It is not only convenient but also a very controversial product to buy and install.

This grass is in the form of synthetic ground, which is covered on the ground just like a carpet. It completely looks real and has been used for decades.  A person feels difficulty in observing that whether the grass is real or fake because it completely looks authentic. Usually, this artificial grass is made with synthetic material, which is made with petroleum-based plastic.

Types of Artificial Grass

This artificial grass comes in so many different sizes through which it becomes clear in your head to pick the right option for your home. Basically, it is categorized into three different forms, which are nylon artificial grass, polyethylene, and polypropylene artificial grass. By knowing all the types of artificial grasses, it will become much easier for you to pick the right one for your home or for any other outdoor place which you highly prefer.

·       Nylon Artificial Grass

One of the most durable artificial grass to be installed in homes is nylon artificial grass. This is because it is very long-lasting and expensive. If you are looking for a grass that can be used for ages with low maintenance, then this is the right option for you to pick. It is also good for high-traffic areas and makes it an ideal option for all the buyers.

·       Polyethylene Artificial Grass

The second option to be purchased is buying polyethylene artificial grass, which looks very realistic, and the texture is also very fine. You will feel soft while sitting or lying on this grass. It is best because your kid can play safely on this grass, and suitable for play areas especially. In case you want to walk barefoot, then this artificial grass is an ideal option for you to buy.

·       Polypropylene Artificial Grass

Last but not least is going for polypropylene artificial grass, which is the least expensive and a budget-friendly option for you to purchase. It is less durable, and you can’t stand up here for long, usually in high traffic. If you want to install an artificial grass for a smaller area, then installing this one is best for you.  

Where Should One Install an Artificial Grass?

You might be wondering where one should install an artificial grass. It is very easy to install, and there are so many options, such as front lawn, back lawn, under a swing set, in a play area, around the swimming pool, in a backyard deck, backyard patio, in a roof deck, or in any outdoor entertainment area.

Basically, it depends totally on you that which area you highly prefer for installing an artificial grass in your home.

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